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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sanctuary Island by Lily Everett

When Ella’s sister decides to reunite with their estranged mother, Ella goes along for the ride-it’s always been the two Preston girls against the world. But Sanctuary Island, a tiny refuge for wild horses tucked off the Atlantic coast, is more inviting them she ever imagined and it holds more than  one last opportunity to repair their broken family-if Ella can open her carefully guarded heart, there is also the chance for new beginnings.
Grady Wilkes is a handyman who can fix anything…except the scars of his own past. When he accepts the task of showing Ella the simple beauties of the island that healed him, he discovers a deep sense of comfort that he lost. But now he must convince the women who never intended to stay that on Sanctuary Island, anything is possible-forgiving past mistakes, rediscovering the simple joys of life, and maybe even falling in love.
 I thought this book was amazing and very well written. I love the way that Lily Everett the author portrayed the personalities of the main characters. Ella being stubborn and brutally honest but caring, Merry being nice and forgiving, Jo trying to make everyone happy and staying positive and Brady being strong but yet very scared inside. The story keeps you wanting more and making it hard to stop reading. The details are very good placing pictures of the horse and the island in your head.
One of my favorite parts of the book is where Grady takes Ella to the water and they help the mother horse give birth to her Foal. A quote out of the book that made me laugh really hard was “Wow put away the charm, Mr Suave, I’m getting all faint and swoony.”

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