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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Beautiful Danger by Michele Hauf

 Lark is the only female member of a secret society that hunts and kills vampires. She is on a Vendetta to avenge the kidnapping and death of her husband. She is sent on a mission to eliminate Domingos, who is killing the pack of wolves who held him in captivity until he went insane. When Lark and Domingos meet up, she comes to realize that all things regarding vampires is not black and white.

Lark is a very interesting character. Until her husband was murdered she as an average housewife and did not believe that there were Supernatural beings in the world. I like that when she decided that she was going avenge her husband death that she trained until she was the best Hunter that the Order had.When she meets Domingos you can actually feel her confusion that she is feeling regarding her feeling for him. She has always been told that all Vampires were evil. I also love that once she decided that she was in love with Domingos she did not let anyone change her mind. This is a book that has a very strong female lead and you will find yourself holding your breath and hoping that they find love with each other.

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