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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Royal Without Rules by Caitlin Crews

The most debauched man in the kingdom of Kitzinia—if not the entire world 

Royal PA Adriana Righetti is no stranger to scandal. But Prince Pato takes it to a whole new level. His infamous liaisons make for exceptionally disreputable reading! 

Her latest assignment, keeping the playboy prince out of the headlines before his brother's wedding, is mission impossible. Particularly as Pato is intent on ruffling her seemingly uptight feathers! 

But when the cameras aren't looking, Adrianna sees behind his careless facade, and wonders—is there more to this rebel royal than the world knows?

Adriana is given the task of keeping  Pato out of trouble until the wedding. Is she up to the challenge?  When Adriana learns that kingdom believes she has been having an affair with Lenz, Pato's brother she tries to seduce Pato.  Pato won't have anything to do with her.  He doesn't want Adriana to leave him for Lenz.  Adriana believes that she needs to live up to her family's name and become the princes whore.  Pato realizes there is more to Adriana then her name.  The two come to realize that they are made for each other and against all odds they make their relationship work.

This is a wonderful book!  It is a must read for those that love to read about a royal family. It is also a wonderful book about love conquering all.  I look forward to reading more from the Royal and Ruthless series.

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