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Monday, July 29, 2013

Love and Other Scandals by Caroline Linden

Joan Bennett is a breath away from being a spinster. She’s had four seasons without a suitor. After reading a shockingly sensuous book, Fifty Ways to Sin, Joan decides perhaps it’s time to stop being proper and start being sinful, while she’s still young enough to enjoy it. And what better partner than her brother’s drinking mate, Viscount Burke? He seems the type to know how to give a lady a lascivious adventure.
It seems that the viscount has qualms about trifling with a friend’s sister. That’s the way to end up betrothed. And he doesn’t want that—or does he?

Joan is told by her mother and father to stay away from Tristan. When her mother falls ill.  Her brother has to leave on a business trip he asks Tristan to look after Joan. 

Everyone says that Tristan, the Viscount Burke is a Rake.  Joan realizes that there is more to Tristan than what the rumors say.  Tristan goes out of his way to look after Joan.  He calls her a fury and begins to fall in love with her.  

He wants to prove to everyone, including Joan that he is a good man.  Sparks fly between the lovers just as her parents return.

Will they be able to stay together and find true love? Or will they be forced apart by society?

This is a wonderful book, it is a must read for lovers of historical romance.  I want to read more by this author.

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