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Monday, July 29, 2013

Devil of Clan Sinclair by Karen Rainey

When Countess of Barrett Virginia Traylor’s husband dies without an heir, she’s left in dire circumstances. The estate will go to his cousin unless Virginia can produce a son before the allotted time is up. In desperation, she turns to Macrath Sinclair, the self-made Scottish millionaire she loved before her father arranged her failed marriage.

After a whirlwind affair results in her bearing a child, Macrath discovers he’s become a father and steals the baby away.
While Virginia tries desperately to convince him to relinquish her son, Macrath realizes that he’ll do anything in his power not to give up the son…or the boy’s maddening, irresistible mother.

Virginia fell in love with Macrath and wanted to be married to him.  Her father decided that she was to be married to Lawrence, the Earl of Barrett.  When the Count died without a heir, Virginia realized that she would be responsible for her in-laws.  They were all counting on her to save them from homelessness.  Virginia traveled to Scotland to seduce her true love Macgrath.  When she conceived a child with Macgrath she passed it off as Lawerence’s. 

When Macgrath shows up in London to visit Virginia he realizes that a plague has taken hold of the city and Virginia is ill.  He also realizes that he has become a father and takes the baby back to Scotland.  While she is still recovering Virginia follows Macgrath to get her son back.  As she is trying to get her son back, her husband’s servant Paul Henderson follows her.  Virginia and Macgrath find out that her marriage was never consummated by Lawerence but instead by Paul.  They also find out that Paul killed Lawerence because he wanted Virginia for himself.  Macgrath must save Virginia from Paul before it is to late.

This story pulled at my heartstrings.  It was so wonderfully written.  It allowed readers a glimpse at how unfair life could be for a woman in 1868. It also allows readers to believe that love can conquer all.  I want to read more from this author!

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