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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Immortally Ever After by Angie Fox

Fox is the Goddess of fun and sinfully sexy! I absolutely adored the first two books in the MASH trilogy, and the 3rd, Immortally Ever After, was no exception. All three books are fast paced, packed with hilarity, and include the much loved bonus of bouts of steamy sex scenes. I’ve also noticed that Angie has the knack for endearing me to her secondary characters-along with the hero and heroine of course; I absolutely love this, because it just makes me enjoy the book even more.  Rodger, Medusa and Jeffe absolutely slay me. Also it secretly makes me hope for spin-offs for those much loved secondaries. Hey, you never know. Absolutely positively 5 star read!
**Warning-Book 3 description contains SPOILERS for previous books-It is impossible to tell you what it’s about without them.**
Petra and the Gang at 3063rd MASH are taking full advantage of the ceasefire.  Their much deserved break is spent helping sick people rather than the dying, gambling and of course thinking up more pranks to pull on their team mates. Of course with the volatile Gods the cease fire doesn’t last long. Nope, the Gods have brought all new nightmarish weapons into play, and the prophecies have started rolling in. On top of all that poor Petra has to deal with her oh-so-sexy completely unforgettable ex-lover showing up, which kind of wouldn’t be so bad except for two things- he’s got a strange female in tow, aaaand Mark.

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