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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Skies of Gold by Zoe Archer

Two Lonely Hearts . . .

Kalindi MacNeil survived the devastating enemy airship attack that obliterated Liverpool, but even her engineering skills can't seem to repair her broken heart. Seeking to put her life back together, Kali retreats to a desolate, deserted island—only to discover she's not alone. Captain Fletcher Adams, an elite man/machine hybrid, a Man O' War, crashed his battle-damaged airship into the island after the destruction of 
Liverpool, never expecting to survive the wreck. But survive he did.

One Desire . . .

Believing he is nothing but a living weapon, Fletcher is wary of his newfound companion—a pretty, damaged, but determined young woman. Together they are stranded on the island, and it is only a matter of time until desire gets the best of them both. Soon Kali and Fletcher each find that they may be just what the other needed. But a danger from beyond the island puts them to the test. Will it rip them apart or bond their hearts forever?

An incredible series with yet another very enjoyable story.

Skies of Gold by ZoĆ« Archer is a very readable story indeed. I enjoyed this story of overcoming past tragedy and triumphing over evil. Yeah sure, we’ve all read a story or three about the wounded hero encountering the woman of his dreams. The difference here, there is a realism the author brings not only to the character flaws, fears and feelings but to this world with its myriad inventions. Awesome!

If you are looking for titillation, you might want to pass on this book, however if you want good read… buy it. There are so many reasons to read the story of Kalinda and Fletcher but for me the kicker is the healing. They are both broken by the events of the world and personal experiences. Together they learn to move past those negative events and grow because them as well.

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