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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Spell Weaver by Megan Derr

Myka is a poor, unlicensed tailor who weaves spells into clothing for customers.  He refuses to work with someone who works in illegal matters and loses out on a profitable apprenticeship to gain his license.  He has so much worry about his financial situation and the very real possibility of losing his current business, because of a greedy landlord.  He can keep his business but it is either come up with more money or be willing to trade his body as rent.  He does have a bright spot in his day, his best customer Mr. Johan.  Mr. Johan brings him a suit almost every month and it so happened that he brought him a special suit because he was attending a ball at the palace.  When he left Myka noticed that he dropped something and waited for him to come back and claim it.  When Johan didn’t come back Myka took a huge risk and used the invitation to get into the ball.  Where he had his fantasy fulfilled by Mr. Johan himself.  

Mr. Johan is a very important person in the palace, but he always went to Myka because his work is excellent and since he is in a small shop that no one really knows about, he basically has Myka all to himself.  He has found Myka attractive since day one and always wanted to do something about the attraction, but never had the courage to do anything.  When it came to his attention that Myka refused to work for Norrington, a sleazy tailor who does illegal spell work, he hoped that Myka would be willing to help him.  After Johan sends wizards to pick Myka and explains the situation Myka decides to help in whatever way he can.  Many changes happen for Myka and Johan and they both go along for the ride hoping for their happily ever after.

This is a Cinderella fairytale story and I really enjoyed it.  I have read Megan Derr’s work before and have not been disappointed yet, and I don’t expect to be.  This is a short, quick read perfect for reading during a lunch break.  

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