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Monday, November 21, 2016

Lorn (VLG 3) by Laurann Dohner


Lorn is volume 3 in the VLG Series from one of my favourite authors, Laurann Dohner.  Lorn lives up to expectations and more.  It’s a great read and full of danger, love and friendship.

The story revolves around Kira who is a half breed Vampire.  Her life hasn’t been an easy one.  Being raised by Vampires and Lycans can be very dangerous when your mother is a human and that is the one species that both Vampires and Lycans hate.  She isn’t accepted into the clan and she knows her only choice is to escape even if that means she has to leave the only love she has known.

Lorn has to make a life and death decision.  He has the choice to stand up as leader of his clan and declare his hidden love for Kira or move aside and watch Kira die.  Lorn is a fierce protector, loyal and looked up to. 

There is so many mixed emotions, politics, love, hate and everything in between that makes this book stand out.  Loved it!

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