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Monday, November 21, 2016

Loving You Easy by Roni Loren

Cora is your average computer genius, she's got the vintage Tees, the skinny jeans and Chucks. She's not the image she's created online. "Lenora" is everything she's not. She sits back and watches the play in the online world of Hayven. Never participating, only observing, until Dmitry. He breaks down her barriers with his words, and sucks her into the online world of BDSM. 

Ren and Hayes together own their own company, they create app, websites and online games. Their biggest hit has been the online BDSM world Hayven. When a security breach happens and Cora is caught in a dangerous situation she's bound and determined to find the owners and get them to fix the breach ASAP, what she didn't expect was to be hired to fix it herself and help figure out who hacked their system. 

Ren and Hayes are both real life Doms. Life has thrown a wrench into Hayes life when he was sent to prison. After 3 years Ren and a team of lawyers and private investigators were able to gets Hayes conviction overturned. But life has not been the same for Hayes. When Ren gets Hayes to come back to work he's constantly worried about how people are looking at him, if people are afraid of him. Until Cora bravely confronts him and asks if he's guilty. Taken aback by her boldness he tells her his story and a bond forms. 

Ren is constantly thinking about Cora, about how she'd feel under him, about how she'd obey him. He's also in love with his best Friend Hayes. What if he could have both? Would the world let him have his true desires, or tear him down and try to break him?

Roni Loren had me sucked into this book! I've never been one to shy away from MFM books, and I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The book had mystery, suspense, comedy and great sex. I've been never able to connect to a character more than I have with Cora. I felt like she was written just for me. I enjoyed her whit, sarcasm, and although she may not be able to walk up to random strangers at a party, she knows how to handle herself in most situations. And of course Ren and Hayes are the perfect yin and yang characters who compliment each other and are the perfect lovers! Go grab this book!!

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