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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Love's Changes by LaQuette

This is a novella in the Loosing Your Way Series.  It can be read as a standalone, but I wouldn’t recommend that.  I am going to get the rest of the books in this series because I want to know what has happened between Bryan and Justice and the rest of the Amare family.  

This novella dragged me into their family and made want Bryan and Justice to make it.  It seems that Bryan and Justice are an impasse in their relationship and Justice feels that the only way to move with his life is to get a divorce.  This rips the both of them apart.  Bryan was injured on the job, he’s a cop, and realized that what he has been doing to both him and Justice is unfair for both of them and that he needs to fight for his life not push him away.  Unfortunately, Justice seems to have decided that the time has come to give Bryan what he has been saying he has wanted, a divorce.  With this decision also comes the fact that Justice is not going to train Bryan to get him back in shape to go back to work.  This also delivers another blow to Bryan.  When the news about the divorce gets to the rest of the Amare clan they rally around both Bryan and Justice to make Justice realize that getting a divorce isn’t what would be best for the two of them.  Many things are set into motion to reunite the two men who belong together.  The thing that they need to do though is listen to each other and actually talk.  They need to ask the right questions and clear burdens of guilt that are tearing them apart.  

This novella introduced me to Bryan and Justice and I will make sure to go back and really meet them and the rest of the Amare clan.

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