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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

5/5 Review: A Season of Ruin by Anne Bradley

This is the second in Anne Bradley's Sutherland Scandals series.  It reads well enough as a stand alone but do yourself the greatest favor and read the first one.  I fell in love with the Sutherland Rogues.

This book brings us Robyn and Lily's story.  Robyn - he is the nair do well brother and in his escapades he has sullied the wrong maiden.  His brother's sister in law, Lily.  He seems to not really care because he has finally lived up to the expectations that his family has always expected from.  

Then we have poor sweet - naive Lily.  She just keeps getting her name in the gossip sheets of the time.  The match that she was hoping for has left, her Grandmother that has been estranged from them garners her attention and tries to make arrangements for Lily's future.  Who will it be - the original match or the Rogue that has captured her heart and shown her true carnal pleasure? 

Ms. Bradley, writes with humor, I found myself turning pages just to see what trouble Robyn was going to cause.  It is obvious she has done some great research on the time period and she will take to you into her world with great joy.  If you are looking for a wonderfully written historical romance I highly recommend this wonderful romp through the Ton, mixed with scandel, high tea, romance and duels.

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