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Monday, November 21, 2016

All they ever wanted by Tracy Solheim

All They Ever Wanted by Tracy Solheim is the 2nd book in her Second Chances series. In All They Ever Wanted, Miles McAlister is our hero, and we had already met him in the first book of this, as he was Gavin’s (previous hero) brother. Miles is the politician in the family, have planned since he was a child to become the President one day. Lori is our heroine, she works in the B & B, as the cook and baker, not to mention being Mrs. McAlister’s right hand. We know that Lori is in hiding, living in Chances Inlet for a short time, to help Mile’s mom. What we don't know is who she is hiding from.

There are many layers to this story and yet it is so sweet and simple. Two people intent on avoiding any and all romantic relationships but were drawn to each other almost immediately .They are great together. Miles just made my heart melt!! Miles has always known that he was going to be somebody, he just needed to meet a women that would look good by his side. He was so caring and attentive and strong and vulnerable. Miles knows that she is hiding a secret so you wonder, will he choose Lori or his career?

I'm guessing many who pick up this book are doing so because they've read the outstanding Second Chances series where we encounter Miles for the first time, but if you haven't, you can read this novel as a standalone. Just keep in mind that it would be so much more poignant if you understand the world these characters come from. There's depth and richness to this story all on its own and it is a perfect companion to Second Chance series.

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