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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

5/5 Review: Connection Error by Annabeth Albert

Josiah is a programmer for the game Space Villager.  He is traveling to Germany to meet with some of the members to finish a new expansion pack for the game.  This is a new position for Josiah and is under a lot anxiety to make sure that it goes correctly.  When he gets on the plane, after being late, he meets Ryan.  Ryan is Navy SEAL on his way to continue his therapy.  He lost both of his legs on a mission and needs therapy to get used to his prosthesis. He and Josiah strike up a conversation and begin a journey that will change both of their lives.  

They are deviated and have to take new flights the next day.  Josiah never noticed Ryan’s condition and because he has ADHD he has not filter on his thoughts.  So a lot of times he says what he thinking without any control over his thoughts.  When he notices Ryan’s lack of legs he blurts out something that makes their departure from each other to become very awkward.  As Ryan is leaving the airport to his hotel, because he figured something like this would happen and booked a room, he sees Josiah sitting on the floor waiting for the day to pass.  Even though he became annoyed with Josiah’s reaction he can’t help but feel sorry for him and invites him to share the room.  

They begin a friendship that carries them through their worst days and creates some of the best memories of both their lives.  As their relationship becomes more involved Ryan has to decide if he is going to open up and trust that if he lets someone in, his heart won’t be broken.  Josiah has to begin to trust in himself and his ability to take of himself before he can truly accept that someone else loves him for him.  

This is the second book I have read of Annabeth Albert and I am happy with it.  I will be looking for more work by this author and believe that I will not be disappointed.  The journey that Ryan and Josiah were on is one that I enjoyed to travel and hope to see more of them.  I recommend this and any of Annabeth Albert’s work.

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