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Monday, November 21, 2016

Just what I needed by Lorelei James

Trinity is a rebel artist who dabbles in all types of art, her past is one of those tragic stories of step mother ruining her life and her running away from home. She's lost her boyfriend, her friend ran off with a sexy rugby player and she's sitting all alone at the bar... when her ex walks in with the woman who wrecked her relationship on his arms, Trinity just wants to sink into the booth and disappear. Until HE walks in! Tall, Nordic Viking of a man who's lips just beg to be kissed. So she does. She wasn't prepared for how much that kiss would effect her.

Walker had a shit day and just wants a drink. What he didn't expect when he walked into the bar was a sexy little thing walking right up to him and planting a big kiss on him. He less expected to enjoy her company! Now all he wants is another night our with the sexy temptress. Too bad he doesn't know her real name, or have the correct phone number....

I love this series, I love Lorelei James even more. She never fails to deliver the sexiest hero's in her books! And her heroines are always someone you can relate to! This is a sexy, light read that will have you smiling and laughing along with the characters. Definitely a must read!

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