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Monday, November 21, 2016

Extreme Honor by Piper J Drake

Lyn Jones is dog trainer who works with the dog’s personality as a method of training.  She is brought in to work with Atlas because she called in a favor to be able to help him.  When she walks into the kennel she walks in with an attitude that immediately puts off the military man who works there, David Cruz.  They get off on very wrong footing and have a distrust of each other.  After dropping the attitude she convinces David that she is there because she wants to help Atlas get over losing his handler overseas.  
As Lyn and David begin to work together Atlas begins to show real progress.  He is responding on his own and is beginning to show that he wants to work again.  This is good for a military dog but he is still showing a hesitation in following the directions being given to him.  Atlas also has a lot of people looking for him because he has information he doesn’t know he has that could put a lot of people in jail and most likely dead.
David knows that there is more to his friend’s death and when finds the chip in Atlas his suspicions are confirmed.  David tries to track down leads to find out exactly what his friend wanted to find out, but he also needs to make sure and protect Lyn, because she is being targeted as someone who knows more than she actually does.  David has to find out what is going on so that he can put the people who killed his friend behind bars and to keep Lyn protected.  
This book by Piper J. Drake was the first I have read by her, but it definitely won’t be the last.  I look forward to reading the next in the series so I can see what happens to the rest of the men who live at the kennel and work with the many dogs that need training.  I enjoyed the action and the fact that David and Lyn didn’t immediately fall into bed together.  The relationship developed and they had time to learn things about each other that made them more likely to actually like each other.  I really enjoyed this story and recommend it to those who enjoy military romance.  

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