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Monday, November 21, 2016

Drive you wild by Jennifer Bernard

I loved Drive You Wild by Jennifer Bernard. If you have been following the series you would know remember Trever Stark, as being not such a  friendly  guy, but the ladies love him and he actually has a big secret that he is hiding. Paige Taylor  is the eldest daughter of Kilby Catfish owner Crush Taylor. Her beautiful sand kid hearted soul led her into marriage and a life in Italy with her self-centred basketballer husband. Now divorced, she heads to her dad’s home in Kilby to regroup and figure out her life. As soon as she meets Trever the sparks start to fly.

Fans of Baseball romance will love this whole series and with each book we get a better look at all the players on the Kilby Catfish, the more I read the more I want them all to have their own story! You will quickly fall in love with Trever and cheer him and Paige on. I loved the way the characters interacted and played with each other. I loved the setting, a small town with its own baseball team.

There was definitely more to Paige than meets the eye. I really enjoyed learning more about Trever  and the struggles he had to overcome. I liked that the author let us see the real Trever  with his flaws and all behind his fa├žade and that he as a whole lot of emotions. We got to see that he was not perfect; He just will do anything to keep his sister Nina safe at all cost. Underneath his tough exterior, he really cares deeply for those he considers his friends and they love him unconditionally and did not judge him. You will love this book.

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