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Monday, November 21, 2016

Smoke and Fire by Donna Grant

Smoke and Fire is the 9th instalment in A dark kings novel by Donna Grant.  It has all the ingredients for a wonderful story; sexiness, depth, great characters and a superb author.  Do yourself a huge favour and grab this book today.

Ryder and Kinsey are not strangers to one another, in fact they thought they were each other’s “the one” until disaster strikes.  Without explanation Ryder leaves Kinsey and disappears from her life.  They are both heartbroken but without a way to find out what happened Kinsey has no choice but to move on.

Move forward a few years and Kinsey gives Ryder no choice but to see her as she arrives on his doorstep.  The chemistry between them is ultra hot and its evident they are still madly in love with each other, but with atleast one closed heart its going to be difficult to mend their hearts.

A secret tore them apart but can honesty bring them back together?  This story not only tore them apart but also tears at the reader’s heart.  It is so full of emotion, twists, betrayal and raw honesty that your heart wont go unscathed reading this book.

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