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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

4/5 Review: Illusion Town by Jayne Castle

Illusion Town is 13th book in Jayne Castle's Harmony series. I have to say I'm sad I came into this series so late! Harmony is an alien planet that is the new earth. They have everything like any place - high end living to the seedy side of life. 

Hannah, is a dreamlight talent (she dream walks and this helps her find things). She is called a finder. Elias Coppersmith is the head of R&D for his family's mining consordium. He helps develop items using alien technology and gems. He meets Hannah when he hires her to find a lost antiquity for him. After, she finds the item for him, he talks Hannah into going out with him for dinner. Next thing you know - boom they are waking up in a seedy motel room - and oh yeah - They are married and neither has a memory of what happened. As they retrace their steps things start falling in place - however, the mystery continues.

Ms. Castle's writing is wonderful, I did find some of the terminology a bit confusing but understandable. She will take you through her world with great detail - you will go along on Hannah and Elias' adventures in underground alien ruins, through a rainforest, and a mysterious carnival. The story is fast paced, filled with humor and danger. 

If you are a fan of aliens, romance, and want to smile - I recommend this one - I think the series will be added to my ever growing TBR. And heck - protective Dust Bunnies are something we should all want to have along for a ride!

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