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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Snare by Racheline Maltese and Erin McRae

This story is about Eli finding the place he belongs even if it’s not where thought it was supposed to be.  Eli works in New York as a filing clerk.  He is very diligent in his job and makes sure that his work is done to the best of his abilities, even if it is filing paperwork.  One day while filing paperwork he notices that some of it is filled out incorrectly.  He decides to go the address and have the paperwork filled out correctly.  When he gets there he meets Matthew.  Matthew is the one that runs the warren and makes sure that everything is taken care of for everyone who lives there.  

While Eli is at the warren he helps Matthew with the paperwork in his office and realizes that he is having a good time.  When he realizes the time, he has to leave and go home.  When he gets ready to leave both he and Matthew realize that he can’t leave because of a blizzard that has stopped the trains.  While having dinner with Matthew and the rest of the warren Eli and Matthew’s attraction to each other becomes more obvious to themselves and to Richard.  Richard is the warren master, the vampire.  Richard and Matthew decide that Eli can spend the night with them, in bed. When Eli agrees they head up for the night.  Things from there happen so fast that Eli’s life is changed drastically.  

I enjoyed the story, but felt that it was slow in some places.  The world that the authors worked to create seemed interesting, but it was explained in a way that seemed just to place Eli in a certain place.  I wish that this story was written in a way that didn’t seem rushed and slow at the same time. It is a good story with potential to be even better.  

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