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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Rhythm and Blue by DP Denman

This book is the sequel to Blue.  You don’t need to read the first one to read this one, but I recommend it because this is an established couple.  I would have loved to know Blue’s history and the way that Blue and Brady got together.  Saying all of that, I completely recommend this book and am going to read the first one and the next one that is coming.  

Blue is a songwriter with a very traumatic past.  He is in a relationship with Brady, who works as a private investor.  At this point in their lives, Blue’s songs are gaining quite a bit of notoriety and success is happening quite rapidly for Blue.  Brady needs to decide if he is going to take the steps necessary to go along for the ride.  Blue tends to feel as if Brady does too much for him, and that leads to a lot of insecurity that isn’t helped by his low self-esteem from the abuse of his past.  Brady does what needs to, to make sure that Blue gets the support that he needs.  This couple understands each other very well but even after being with each other for so long, they still need to learn to talk with each other.  They need to figure out what their relationship is going to look like as Blue’s success causes many things to change.  

I love that this couple is on an evolving journey.  This book depicted their journey together pretty realistically, showing them completing normal everyday things like grocery shopping and laundry.  Now that may not sound all that interesting, but I enjoyed seeing their relationship through each other’s eyes and feeling as if I was along with them.  The feelings that these two made me have was a roller coaster ride that I thoroughly enjoyed and hope to continue.

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