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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Review: The Winter Bride by Anne Gracie

It’s hard to take a man named Freddy seriously but Mr. Monkton-Coombes proves that you cannot always judge a book by its cover. His charming, flirty facade shelters an advanced mind and a deep-feeling heart. He at turns made me giggle and blush and bruised my heart but all in a very good way and I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect match for him than Damaris Chance. Damaris is a fascinating woman; strong and gentle-at-heart and a fierce protector of her loved ones. She was easy to admire. Although they might not have realized it right away these two were made for one another and they also need each other. I loved everything about this story. The main characters and the extras were so well developed and entertaining, the description was luscious without being intrusive and the plot was fabulously paced. I cherished the deft skill the author used in balancing some serious topics while still providing a fun and feisty read. I’m looking forward to reading what the remaining Chance sisters get up to.

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