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Monday, June 9, 2014

Review: A Million Guilty Pleasures by C. L. Parker

Two million dollars secured Noah Crawford the most enticing woman he has ever known.  Initiating Delaine Talbot into a sensuous world of pleasure took them both to the brink--again and again.  But when Noah discovers why the beautiful innocent sold her body to the highest bidder, he's faced with the hardest thing he ever had to do: Set her free.

Lanie can't believe Noah would let her go. Doesn't he know they share a bond deeper than sex--a connection too powerful to sever? not even a treacherous enemy out to destroy Noah or the dark secret haunting the multimillionaire can keep them apart. But first lanie has to show h im that he belongs to her, even if it means risking everything for a love that can never be bought or sold.

A Million Guilty Pleasures is a sequel and it would be best to read the first in the duet ,A Million Dirty Secrets, to get the full story.
I liked the very involved story line of Lanie and Noah and the how and why of how they became involved. This is very erotic and fits with the story line well. The villians and the friends and how they fit in makes for an entertaining read.

Lanie chose a very unique way to try to save her mothers life and I like how Noah helps out, especially emotionally to back her up through it all. David sure puts a wrench in things since he is trying to get to Lanie and get back at Noah; and this isn't the first time that he has been the bad guy.  I really like how the plot keeps you wishing the story would go on and on.

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