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Monday, June 9, 2014

Review: Notorious by Allison Brennean

Maxine Revere has dedicated her life to investigating murders that the police have long since given up any hope of solving. A nationally renowned investigative reporter with her own TV show and a tough-as-nails reputation, Max tackles cold cases from across the country and every walk of life. But the one unsolved murder that still haunts her is a case from her own past.

When Max was a high school senior, one of her best friends was strangled and another, Kevin O’Neal, accused of the crime. To the disgrace of her wealthy family, Max stood by her friend, until she found out he lied about his alibi. Though his guilt was never proven, their relationship crumbled from the strain of too many secrets.

Now Max is home for Kevin’s funeral—after years of drug abuse, he committed suicide. She’s finally prepared to come to terms with the loss of his friendship, but she’s not prepared for Kevin’s sister to stubbornly insist that he didn’t kill himself. Or for an elderly couple to accost her at the airport, begging her to look into another murder at Max’s old high school. Max is more interested in the cold case at her alma mater than in digging around Kevin’s troubled life, but she agrees to do both. As Max uncovers dark secrets, she finds herself caught in a complicated web of lies that hit far too close to home. And it’s becoming increasingly clear that someone will do whatever it takes to make sure the truth stays buried.
 Brennan does a fine job of combining romance and suspense in this top notch thriller. Giving the reader insight into the killer's mind, you will immediately be drawn into the book. As Max and Nick race against time to stop a killer that escalates by the day, they are both drawn to each other more in a way that is completely unexpected to them both. Don't miss this engrossing novel.This police procedural romance is full of action and gives the reader an interesting look at an ongoing investigation. Allison Brennan has a distinct voice that lends itself to creating characters that are dedicated people trying to do the best they can. The protagonists look at themselves as ordinary people trying to do a job but they are heroes because they risk their lives to save others. The fast paced story keeps readers immersed in the tale until the last page is turned.
Ms. Brennan has penned another killer mystery with Notorious. I love that this story is so completely different fromso many other Romantic Suspense books. The characters are awesome. Some were endearing and others repulsive but they all kept me glued to the pages. This mystery has many twists and turns that keep you guessing until the end. All of the questions lead up to one spectacular finish! Once again I am floored at the action packed pace of Allison Brennan's writing. She has a winning combination of love, excitement and thrill for her latest novel Notorious is an awesome romantic suspenseful drama!

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