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Monday, June 9, 2014

Review: Noble Destiny by Katie MacAlister

I got exactly what I wished for with this story. After being introduced to both Lady Charlotte and Alasdair in a previous story I was eager to see what would become of these two memorable characters and I’m so happy the author decided to give them a go at life together. I think Charlotte walked a fine line from amusing to being annoying. I am impressed with how the author seemed to know just when she had gone too far and then she’d have me wondering why I didn’t dislike her more. I do believe Dare’s reaction to Charlotte went a long way to soften her exasperating characteristics. I can’t describe it but I’m still astounded by how much she entertained me and how genuinely fond of her I was. I believe I lost my heart to Alasdair, a Scottish hottie with a huge heart how could I not fall for him? This was witty and humorous and also had some pretty serious undertones and above all it was entertaining, I’m still shaking my head days later.

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