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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Review: The Ever After of Ella and Micha by Jessica Sorenson

The day Ella has waited for is just around the corner. It's the day she'll marry Micha, the love of her life, the light that guided her out of the darkness. It looks like it will be the perfect Christmas-until an unexpected package arrives with a harsh reminder of Ella's past. Suddenly Ella doesn't feel as confident about her future. Can she really have a "happily-ever-after" if she's never even seen one?

Micha will stand by Ella no matter what she's going through-though he worries that she might leave him standing at the altar again. When he's offered a once-in-a-lifetime chance to tour with his favorite bands for three months, Micha knows he can't leave Ella behind. But can he ask her to uproot her life to join him on the road?

Now Ella and Micha must find a way to balance their fears, their dreams, and their love . . . if they ever want to hear wedding bells.

Ella's relationship with Micha is so special that I couldn't help but root for them to make it as a couple despite their tough upbringing and the ugliness that plagues their life. There are moments that I thought were so sad that I got a little choked-up, especially listening to Ella and how much she didn’t think she deserved to be loved. And with an alcoholic father and a mother who committed suicide, it was easy to see why she felt like that. Micha is rough and tough (or so he seems because he's really not) but he's also a musician who cares for Ella so deeply that he's willing to sacrifice his dream for her. *sigh* Yep, he's totally dreamy! The supporting characters, Ethan and Lila are equally as awesome. Lila is a total princess who meets Mr. Grease Monkey himself. A beautiful supporting couple indeed!!!

This entire series really was very well written and just beautiful. Sorenson has done an amazing job portraying two broken people with real problems and has brought up sensitive issues and topics and handled it all so well.

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