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Monday, June 2, 2014

Angel Seduced by Jaime Rush

Kye knows that her boyfriend Kasabian is in grave danger, investigating a series of kidnapped children. She knows he's pushing her away for her own safety, but she won't let him face it alone.

     Kasabian will risk anything to rescue the children, and he has a bold plan to allow himself to be taken hostage by the kidnapper, Silva. While he tries to reason with Silva, Kye is racing again time to discover where the kidnapper is holding him .

     If Kye is reunited with Kasabian, will their combined powers be enough? The fate of the Crescents-and Kye and Kasabian's hearts-hang in the balance.

     Such a great book. Jaime has a great way of writing books that keep you interested throughout the whole book and this book was no exception. It was very well written and detailed enough to image what is happening.

     I really liked the part when Kye and Kasabian bonded to each other and then they tried to stay away from each other but could not. Kye lost her powers because she has feelings for Kasabian. It was very sad when Kasabian lost his angel but Kye could still see where the wings were. I really enjoyed the great details that were placed into the book such as the description of what the winds looked like, the fights, and the feelings between the characters. I would highly recommend this book and all other books that Jaime has written.

The end

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