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Monday, June 9, 2014

Review: Teach Me a Lesson by Jasmine Haynes

Do what you have to do, Principal. I deserve it…

High school guidance counselor by day, sex therapist by night, Charlotte Moore’s passion is people—whether helping students with the realities of life or helping their parents with the fantasies. Enter Principal Lance Hutton, the perfect subject for Charlotte’s method in recharging the sex drive—and it’s going to take some discipline. Considering this hot older man is her boss, it makes sense that he dole out the punishment. Besides, Charlotte’s begging for it.

But when Charlotte’s after-school extracurricular activities are made public, it threatens her job, her reputation, and the career of the man she’s falling head over heels in love with. Now, if this town wants a scandal, Charlotte and Lance are ready to give them one—and a lesson in bad behavior they’ll never forget. 

This book was a very easy read, fast paced and lots of steamy sex. I liked that it was about several families and the interaction between two teenagers as a subplot, not just all about the two main characters.  This gave it more depth and interest.

I really like how the author delved into Charlotte's job and how she worked with people in her practice and then how she helped the teenagers as a counselor at a high school.  Principal Hutton is a sexy hunk that  sometimes you weren't sure what he was going to do next, but he did show what a good heart he had when he was working with the children.  It was fun to learn about some of the secrets and how people overcame their problems.

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