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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Review: Midnight Lies- The Wildefire Series by Ella Grace

I love strong characters in my romances and when the romance contains a bucket full of suspense I couldn’t be happier. This story is littered with secrets, riddles and misunderstandings and that’s just the relationship between the two main characters. Samantha is used to tragedy which is part of the reason she turns to a career in law enforcement but even though she is strong and capable she is also fragile when it comes to relationships and loved ones. Quinn cares, perhaps too much and has learned to keep his feelings well hidden and watching these two who so obviously need each other was almost heartbreaking. The setting was fantastic, what is it about small towns that is so universally appealing? And the interesting supporting characters just added to my enjoyment. I cannot wait to read the remaining sister’s adventure -- something tells me that this one will definitely be a wild ride.

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