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Monday, June 9, 2014

Review: Mischief by Moonlight by Emily Greenwood

This was a well written and entertaining book and I truly wish I had enjoyed it more but I had really hoped for a different ending and without giving it away I have to say I was very disappointed. Colin Pearce, the Earl of Ivorwood is a solid hero, perhaps a little on the shy side but he is the kind of man everyone wants to know. Josie Cardworthy was a little too flighty for my tastes, I guess I enjoy carefree and feisty heroines however I never really warmed to her. Edwina had so much potential, her rough edges could have easily been smoothed by some genuine affection and attention and I believe she would be a diamond with only a little polishing needed. I did indeed find the author’s writing enjoyable I just wish I could have felt more towards the leading lady, but I will definitely be picking up another offering by this author.

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