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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Reviews: Cole's Redemption by J.D. Tyler

Zander Cole is a Healer and black wolf shifter. Now deaf and his ability are dimmed due to a horrible battle, he feels he is incapable of continuing to help his Pack. Zan feels the only option he has is to leave forever. She knows pain, like no other. Selene Westfall a white wolf shiter believes her father is the one responsible for her mother's death and wants revenge. But when she tries to do just that, she is challenged by a black wolf. After putting up a fight one thing happens she did not expect...becoming the black wolf's Bondmate as a result of him biting her. Now they are forced together and trying to figure out how to handle this new change in their lives. But they face an even bigger threat, a killer trying to keep the past dead and buried.
I absolutely love paranormal romance, especially with wolves involved. Bringing two wondered souls together and watching a love bond heal them both is a beautiful thing. This story action packed story kept you wondering, guessing and gasping when new elements were revealed. Watching the hero and heroin grow as their own separate person and as a couple is magical in its self. J.D. Tyler has an amazing series going on. Being is how this is the 5th book, you do not feel very lost in some of the back stories. It does make you wonder how some of the other's of the Alpha Pack bonded. If you want something mouth watering and has you flipping the pages faster than this is a book you'd want to read.

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