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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Review: Chasing Sam (Vegas Mates Series, Novella) by Krystal Shannan

“A mate hunt”, I bet if you’re a woman, you would never put up with any man who opens his mouth to say, you’re the piece of property that’s part of the hunt. Samantha Demakis is a she-wolf, someone who is very stubborn, head strong, and value her independent. And unfortunate for Sam, she’s born of noble blood so she is subjected to “the mate hunt” as part of her marriage creed when she’s of age. At 25, Sam got a taste of the real world, she likes being her own person and her independent. She hates the double standard her nobility and traditions forced upon its women. Pissed off and afraid for her own destiny, Sam challenges her parents and prospects to a fair hunt for her hands in marriage. It’s her last saving grace so she hopes she’s made the right decisions.

Chase Michaels, the bad boy of the town, the dare-devil, the dark and handsome shifter of Sin city. It has been a long time since Chase visited his home town. Growing up, he’s one of those kids who love defining gravity, in his case, rebelling against tradition, parents, teachers, pretty much everybody stood in his way. But now that he’s in his 30's, the service wore him out, life gets a little complicated, his wolf is restless, he guess what he needs now is a mate to settle down and make a home. Have some stability in his life so his family can stop worrying about him, being the oldest and all. But where is he going to find his mate? Well, as luck have it, the dark hair beauty he ran into at the airport is about to have her world turns upside down.

Chasing Sam by Krystal Shannan is the first book I read of this author. After reading this, it has become one of my well-liked author. I have to admit, for the price of admission which is $0.00 (#FREE) there were part of me that wish the book was longer. Overall, the premise of the book is great, the character personalities have dimensions and the dynamic of the scenes was well thought out and beautifully written. This author have a lot of potential and definitely would like to read more from her. Chasing Sam is a great read filled with fun adventures, I would definitely recommend her to my friends.

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