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Friday, October 11, 2013

The Knight's Temptress by Amanda Scott

When Lady Lachina "Lina" MacFarlan of Tùr Meiloach and her new sister-in-law, Elizabeth, are captured by seditious villains who have seized the royal burgh, harbor, and castle of Dumbarton, the two young women unknowingly throw a hitch into the plans of Sir Ian Colquhoun, the daredevil knight of the realm who is on his own secret mission to recapture Dumbarton for the King of Scots.

Instead of securing Dumbaton, Ian must first rescue the women and return them to Tur Meiloach. Their journey will be perilous—especially because Ian has long admired the lovely Lady Lachina, and for the first time she seems to show signs of returning his attentions. But for Ian duty must come before desire. The fate of the King of Scots and Lina's own father rests in his hands. He cannot afford to be tempted by anything—even the promise of Lina's love.
THE KNIGHT'S TEMPTRESS by Amanda Scott is an wonderful Scottish Historical Romance set in 1425 Stirling, Scotland.This is #2 in "The Lairds of the Loch" series, but can be read as a stand alone.
 There is so much adventure mixed in with the romance in the plot that you will find it hard to put the book down. I love that there was a glossary in the front of the book to explain Scottish terms that many reader's will not be familiar with. The author keeps the supernatural element alive in this series with Lachina’s gift of sight.
 I enjoyed  the relationship between Lina and Ian, watching what started out as a marriage for political reasons evolve into true love was great. I also enjoyed the story with in the story giving us a chance to get to know Mag and Dree. Now as far as the chemistry between Lina and Ian that is a bomb waiting to explode. They make a perfect couple. I enjoyed how she gives her readers such a vivid and accurate picture of a historical Scotland. Amanda Scott has managed to write a book that will keep you engaged until the very end. If you are not a fan of Historical Novels, you will be after reading this book.

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