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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Lord Rakehell by Virginia Henley

Lord James Hamilton, heir to the Duke of Abercorn and newly appointed attendant to the young Prince of Wales, is in no rush to find a wife and take on a more responsible life. A lover of all things pleasurable, James has earned his reputation as a rakehell of London. But when a feisty beauty piques his interest, James finds himself obsessed with learning more about her, and even contemplates making her his own.

Lady Anne Curzon-Howe has long been besotted with her dear friends’ handsome elder brother, James—ever since the moment he compared her to a wild Irish rose. While Anne has many suitors, the elusive James is the only man who draws her fancy. But Lord Hamilton’s rakish ways are notorious for a reason, and convincing him to love only her will be an incredible—albeit rewarding—challenge....

Lord James Hamilton definitely lives up to his title and Virginia Henley shows just why there are almost 10 million copies of her novels in print! You know when you pick up one of her books you are going to get lots of passion, historical details and an intriguing plot. James is a definite charmer and yet even with all his conquests I couldn’t find myself getting to angry with him. I loved watching Anne go from an infatuated young girl to a determined woman. I loved all the characters in this story as each and every one from the hero and heroine to the one appearance extras all were so fantastically written that I felt as if I was interacting with each and every one. This author has such a talent for making the reader bond with her characters and for me there was a definite connection.

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