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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Demon's Fire by Emma Holly

Fleeing the routine life her family wanted for her, Beth joins an archaeological dig spearheaded by her cousin Charles. For such an adventurer, the desert city of Bhamjran is perfect for making unusual discoveries-especially when it comes to forbidden appetites. Like his own unnatural desire for a Yama demon. And as he and Beth are about to learn, some Yama find humans equally irresistible...
This is the follow-up to "Prince of Ice" and "Demon's Daughter" and what a follow up it is.Author, Emma  Holly is constantly pushing the envelope and blurring the boundaries between fantasy, romance, and erotica.

While gentler readers may be distressed by scenes of mild domination/submission and menage, those who like the spicier side of romance will cheer. This demon world is a rich one and we finally get the story of Prince Pahndir who was held in a pleasure house in "Prince of Ice". He lost his mate when she committed suicide and his unseemly display of grief caused his family to abandon him and fake his death.

I did enjoy that he has no guilty feeling's about his last relationship. The book is well written.  You can feel his pain, but  you also know the hero wants to live on. In book ,3 we saw how his kind and family left him to his grief because he was a solitary man. A yama that could have only that one love mate. And his, happened to die. He loved her and there was no denying that. He was broken down in book three and was always questioning his will to go on but he always had hope. He was always looking for a future. This is, lets face it, a novel thing in this kind of romance background and it was written perfectly.

Also a special thing and a treat was the fact that the hero never  went in to the denial phase like all heroes with an ex love seem to do. He never wallowed about how he was not good enough, even though he believed his wife killed herself. He never ran and he never faltered in his affections. He was just happy to have to find love again. Or in this case two loves. That was what made it all special. I will say that this book can stand alone but it probably would have been better if I had read the other books. 

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