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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Never Go Back by Lee Child

 Former military cop Jack Reacher makes it all the way from snowbound South Dakota to his destination in northeastern Virginia, near Washington, D.C.  The headquarters of his old unit, the 110th MP. The old stone building is the closest thing to a home he ever had.  Reacher is there to meet--in person--the new commanding officer, Major Susan Turner, so far just a warm, intriguing voice on the phone. But it isn't Turner behind the CO's desk.  Reacher is hit with two pieces of shocking news, one with serious criminal consequences, and one too personal to even think about.

Jack Reacher is a West Point graduate and rose to the rank of Major and led the 110th MP division.  Mr. Reacher is 6' 5 and 270lbs of muscle and can be your best friend or worst nightmare.

Well the plot starts with Jack traveling cross country to meet the female who replaced him, Major Turner, at the 110th MP division.  His interaction with her in a previous novel intrigued him to the point that he just has to meet the person behind the voice. When he arrives he finds that the Army has arrested her.  They promptly arrest Jack on charges that are twenty years old and fake. This forces Reacher to escape from prison taking Major Turner with him. They go on a search for the truth and any bad guy(s) dumb enough to get in his way will die.

Mr. Lee Child's has written another winner. The fans of the Reacher Series will love Never Go Back, I can't wait for book 19 to be released.

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