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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Seal Wolf Christmas by Terry Spear

Who doesn't love a sexy Seal that also happens to be a Wolf.  I am a big fan of Terry Spear and was thrilled to be able to review this book.  I also love how Ms. Spear brings back other characters from previous books.  It is like a family reunion or coming home to friends.  This book is another hit and a must read.

The book starts out with Anna and Bjornolf being sent on a rescue mission in the jungle.  The team begins to realize that the rescue is a set up.  After they successfully complete their mission,  Anna and Bjornolf are sent on another one.  This time they have to pose as a married couple at Christmas.  The mission is to take in Nathan a teenaged wolf and figure out the murders that occurred at the Christmas tree farm where Nathan works.  They must also figure out how the deaths at the Christmas tree farm tie in with the rescue mission they were just on.  Bjornolf must also convince Anna that she doesn't have to be a loner anymore and get her Christmas spirit back.

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