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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Bored in Barcelona by Kate Hofman

Cynthia Wynne writes a disenchanted email to her favorite monthly magazine, telling them how bored she is in Barcelona. When the owner of the magazine shows the email to Rafael de C√≥rdoba, world-famous writer of serious fiction, he becomes incensed.

When Cynthia and Rafael meet, the instant flare-up of interest is quickly doused when he realizes that she is the woman who wrote disparagingly of Barcelona, which he loves and where his parents live.
Later, he softens his stance, and their interest in each other deepens, but when she tells him she is pregnant with his child, he is upset and incensed. He had an infectious illness as a boy, and as a result was pronounced infertile.

Cynthia points out that she has never lied to him, and insists that the child she carries is his.
How can Rafael equate his trust in Cynthia with the doctor’s prognosis of long ago? Will his head rule, or his heart?
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The premise was super enticing and the author delivered on it too. I loved everything about this book. The characters, the romance, the setting, everything. I especially loved the humor in the main characters and how it was counterbalanced with some heavy emotional stuff. I also loved how well-suited Cynthia and Rafael  were. They had a lot in common but dealt with their respective issues that were alike in their own way, in a manner befitting their personalities. I loved Rafael's outrage and his "Don't talk about my city attitude". I also enjoyed seeing him fall in love with Cynthia. What I loved about Cynthia was her willingness to take a chance on love.

The backdrop setting was truly magical and very calming at times, for me this showed that the author projected her characters emotions of confusion through the chaos that is shown in the background.
The dialog was teasing, sexy, at times funny at times, which made this a very light hearted read. This however did not take away any of the book's sexiness, romance and passion as the author used it to her advantage, and made me smile the entire time I was reading the book.

This sensual level of this read was amazing as the author really revved up the heat between Cynthia and Rafael. I recommend this read for all Kate Hofman fans and as usual she delivers and ensures that her endings are heartfelt and magical. This is a perfect summer read.

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