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Friday, October 18, 2013

Love at First Sight by Lori Wilde

When it hits, you just know . . ."

Natalie McCleary couldn't believe her eyes—a lean-muscled, darkly tanned, nearly naked man stood in her path . . . and then it hit her: love. Everyone always told her it would hit like a thunderbolt, and she never believed them. But now she knew: practical, sensible Natalie was head over heels in love—with a stranger.
But ex-Navy SEAL Dade Vega wasn't about to be a stranger for long. He'd ridden into Cupid on his motorcycle, vowing to keep a promise he'd made to a military buddy. But a single glimpse of Natalie—soaking wet and unexpectedly tempting—changed his life forever. But how can he offer her his love, when he can't even promise to stay in one place for longer than a week?
Unavoidable magnetism, foul play, heated fantasies that lead to even more heated sexual encounters are the focal point of this intriguing first story in the Cupid Series. I found this book to be easy, enjoyable and a quick read. Lori Wilde wove a creative tale including a wonderful twist on Cupid’s folk lore that will be a fascinating premise on which to base the continuation of this series. As erotic romance, Love at First Sight hits the is vividly descriptive, extremely steamy and has a wonderfully wounded hero and heroine we can route for.
Dade and Natalie were such great characters in Love at First Sight. Lori writes so well I felt like I knew them and was right there with them. Both of them have scars from the past...different scars but hurts just the same that are holding them back in their lives. They'll need to acknowledge this to themselves and each other if they want to have a future together. Natalie is so used to taking care of everyone else, controlling everything that someone wanting to take care of her is such a novel concept she doesn't know what to do about it! For Natalie, being in control means keeping the bad away, making sure everyone is happy. Dade is an ex-Navy SEAl who had had a terrible childhood, the one good was his foster brother Red. He's been to terrible places and had to do horrible things in his eyes that make him not good enough for Natalie. Hopefully he can trust her enough to open up to her.

I loved the secondary characters in the book from Natalie's sister to her great-aunt, and how they played such a big part in her life.I also enjoyed that they were very free with their advice! The way Lori Wilde described Cupid, between the quaint town and the caves to the Marfa Lights it made me wish that I could go visit. I could see everything so well! Natalie and Dade were people that felt were true to life whether or not you believe in love at first sight or not and I can't wait for book three.

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