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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Demon Mistress by Jordan K. Rose

What’s a girl to do when she discovers her husband, who happens to be the Master Vampire for the New England Region, has been lying to her for, oh, say a hundred and eighty years? Well, it all depends. If she’s accidentally released forty demons from some creepy old book, unintentionally announced the existence of vampires on The Internet, kidnapped a werewolf, enraged a lovesick vampire by stealing his approved mate, and attracted the attention of The High Commander for The Vampire Federation, not to mention gotten stoned and mastered the forbidden art of demon calling, she might be willing to call it even. Or, she might plead her case at an Inquisition and hope like all hell, she isn’t staked before sunrise. Eh, a slightly busier night than usual, but nothing Eva Prim can’t handle.

Eva Prim, or should I say Chrysanthemum Papadopoulos, is Murphy in female form! Whatever can go wrong will go wrong and it’s never her fault, even though few people ever believe her. Eva just wants to be loved and as far as she’s concerned social media is the way to a vampire’s undead heart.
She’s a crack-up with great taste in cologne; I get it, I love it when men smell good enough to eat too! She sees every situation a little differently than the rest of the world and that makes her special. She doesn’t try to be everything to everybody, no one would ever think that, but she would kill for her friends. She would even risk pissing off her husband.
There is so much happening it’s hard to consider the major portion of this book takes place within a twelve hour period. I can’t wait to read the next book in this series or to check out the next recipe on Eva’s blog.

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