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Friday, October 11, 2013

House of Sable Locks by Elizabeth Schechter

This was one of those books that made you sit up in your chair and say holy crap!  I will tell you now this book is NOT for everyone.  It had a lot of m/m action and torture.  It also dealt with sex with automatons. On that note you have been warned.

The House of Sable Locks was named for the locks that the men wore around their necks.  It was through these locks that the servants responded to the clients.  When William first meets the Succubus  he is fascinated   It was like watching all of his late father's work come to life.  The Succubus or Madeline  was able to communicate and think freely.  This is actually not a surprise since she was once human.  As Madeline and William grow closer and begin to fall in love, their love is interrupted by Samantha.  Samantha is a very sick woman and loves to torture her slaves.  To the point of skinning them.  She also wants William and Madeline will do anything to protect him.

Samantha manages to take control over some of the automatons, giving them free thought.  She manages to kidnap William and takes him to the room where Madeline is.  Samantha wants Madeline to see her kill William.  Madeline begins to shut down when Samantha brings in another free thinking automaton, essentially killing both of them.  It is only with her last thought that she is able to save William and trap Samantha in the machine, setting Madeline free and back into her human form.

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