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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Dragon Rising by Jamie Rush

The second release in Jaime Rush's new Hidden series!
Her Dragon, his ice, a dark mystery, and hot sparks!

Clues left by her missing
father lead Lyra to a gorgeous, mysterious Caido, a descendant of fallen angels.
When she discovers that his brother is also missing, she's determined not to
let the exasperating man shut her out. 

I am a huge lover of paranormal/fantasy romance, shape shifters in particular. Jamie Rush delivers in Lyra’s story.
I am so glad I decided to read this book. Oh this little novella was the perfect blend of adventure, intrigue and romance. There is a wonderful world of paranormal excitement hidden under the very noses of us mundanes.
There are so many things going on in that world that parallels real life, not being a dragon shifter or anything like that, but the prejudice between the hiddens. Generalizations and stereotypes that are made without actually knowing why different classes of hiddens act the way they do.
So, when Lyra meets the tall “cool” drink of water that might help her find her father, those prejudices might get in the way. They both learn that there is more than meets the eye as they work together to figure out what’s happened to her father and his brother.
There is tension from the very beginning between the two and this is one of the beautiful things about this read. I couldn’t wait for something to happen that allowed them to simply touch let alone share their first kiss, aggh. I loved it and so will you!

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