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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Midnight's Surrender by Donna Grant

Dale is a warrior and he has been following the pull of some unknown magic for months.  He had to figure out why the magic pulled him.  He ended up on the tiny Isle of Coll, determined to find the magic and then carry on with his life.  As Dale got even closer to the magic, he realized that it was mie magic.  The kind of pure magic that only a Druid can posses.

Rennie is a Druid who doesn't realize how strong her magic is.  When Dale arrives at her farm, he finds her hurt and outside in a snow storm.  As the storm rages the couple talk and become very close to each other.  As if they were drawn together.  Harriet a drough came to the farm to convince Rennie sell her land.  The magic in Harriet was so evil that Dale had to struggle to get his god Shomi under control.

Dale and Rennie search the land to figure out why Harriet wants it so bad.  As they do Dale feels the pull of a very old magic that Rennie can't feel.  The pair discover a cavern and realize that this was where her family gathered.  The ancients of her family had been waiting for her.  They were waiting for a Druid that could grant someone freedom.  Rennie realizes that the freedom she can grant is to Dale, to bind his god and make him mortal again.

This book was another wonderful read from Donna Grant and part of her warrior series.  I loved this book. The way that Ms. Grant writes, pulls you to another place full of magic.  I recommend this book to all the lovers of magic.

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