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Friday, May 6, 2016

5/5 Review: WILD THINGS by Jennifer Ashley

Wild Things is the next instalment in the Unbound Series by Jennifer Ashley. This is a great piece of writing that could be read in an afternoon. If you haven’t read the other books in this series you won't be disadvantaged, it can be read as a stand-alone novel; although I would recommend reading them all just because they are so good!

Wild Things evolve around the sexy Wolf Shifter, Mason McNaughton and his mission to find the very rare Shifter healer to perform a miracle on fellow shifter, Aleck who has gone feral leaving the shifter community two choices, perform a miracle and bring him back or kill him. He first has to travel to New Orleans to find a psychic who he has been told to see to show him the way to the healer.

Enter beautiful, but human Jasmine who doesn’t trust shifters at all. Jasmine spends her day trying to help others through her psychic abilities and lives in her late grandmother’s house. The house itself has a major attitude and isn’t afraid of showing its feelings. Jasmine knows there is change coming, but just doesn’t know how much it’s going to change her life.

Once Jasmine and Mason meet the sparks fly and the chemistry is blinding. I absolutely love how these two form their relationship. It isn’t boy meets girl that hates him, girl falls in love with him anyway scenario. It’s told in such a way that Jasmine's hate for shifters is real, but shown to be not reason enough to resist each other, especially once certain things are explained.

There is the ex-boyfriend as the “nasty” factor in this story, but he is dealt with pretty quick and he actually makes way for the rest of the story to move ahead. The elusive healer is found and for the most part this story ends in a happy way. I could see future storylines forming towards the end of the book and look forward to see if any make it into the next book. I can’t wait for next book!

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