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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

5/5 Review: MOUNTAIN LION by Terry Bolryder

Mountain Lion is the fourth book in the Bear Haven Series written by Terry Bolryder.  I haven’t read the previous books in this series, but I didn’t feel I had missed out on any important information.  Of course, now that I have read this book and realised it was the 4th book I will be going back to read the other 3 while I wait for the next instalment.

This story revolves around sexy shifter rancher, Wyatt Reynolds.  He runs an upmarket horse ranch and mainly keeps to himself while trying to maintain his ranch.  He has previously helped his fellow bear shifter childhood friends find their mates, but his mate has managed to allude him and isn’t expecting to find his mate any time soon. 

Valerie is the heroine of the story and although she is tiny she makes up for that in shear mental strength.  She was born to a mountain shifter family, but has yet to be able to shift.  She is a born fighter and has finally broken away from her abusive upbringing.  She doesn’t trust any man because she knows they are nothing but trouble.  She applies for a job at a ranch dressed as a male hoping to take unwanted attention away from herself and which she successfully does... for a short while until Wyatt enters the same bar she is drinking in. 

As with all history, it has a way of creeping back into your current life and that’s what happens to Val.  The people from her past coming looking for her and it’s up to Wyatt and his friends to stop the evil spreading.  It’s only when Val believes she has might lose Wyatt after telling him she doesn’t want to be his mate that her shifter half takes over and finally emerges to protect what is hers.

The story has a rich story to it that you quickly become attached to and has all the funny and silly moments you expect to see within a newly formed friendship/relationship.  They have their difficulties trying to find a balance for what they both want and need and there is plenty of sexual play throughout the story to make you need a quick drink of cold water.

Mountain Lion is fun, light hearted, and sexy!

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