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Saturday, May 14, 2016

5/5 Review: Black Hills Desperado by D. L. Jackson

Xio Davis leaves her pack with a stranger that turns out to be a very bad mistake. He takes her down a road of crime. The FBI ends up catching up with her while she's robbing a bank. She decides to work alongside agent Marcus Cazador to take down the man that got her into this situation in return for not going to prison.

Along the way she tries to resist the feeling that Marcus is the man she is meant to mate with for life. They end up mating each other on their way to seek extra protection from her old pack she abandoned. Marcus helps her take down the men that are after her. He proves to her that he is truly the mate she wanted after all. Xio puts her life of crime behind her to start over fresh with her mate and twin unborn babies.

I really enjoyed this book. It was a fast read but had a great storyline that I was interested to hear about. This was book three, but you didn't feel like you had missed out on too much by picking this book up and starting with it. I will however go back and check out the other books in the Black Hills Wolf Books. I loved the instant connection that the wolves have with their mate. No matter what background they come from, they find love in each other. Marcus and Xio are no exception to that.

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