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Friday, May 6, 2016

4/5 Review: TAKE THE STORM by Rebecca Zanetti

Take the Storm is Episode 6 of the Rising Storm Series by NYT bestselling author, Rebecca Zanetti.  I found this book to be quite entertaining and easy to read.

Marisol Moreno owns Cup O' Joe Cafe and Bakery after giving up her dreams of going to college because she needed to stay home and raise her sister and brother after the death of her parents.  She tries to keep everyone in line and set a good example for her younger siblings.  Now a few years later, her siblings are getting older and trying to find their own way while she herself is trying to keep her relationship with Patrick more platonic that either of them want. 

Patrick Murphy wants nothing more than to settle down with Marisol and he does his best to show and tell her every time they see one another.  He knows she worries for her siblings, especially now with things being complicated with her sister pregnancy and her brother bad choices.  His mission is to break through all the drama and show her that they deserve happiness too.

The characters are very well written and the story is wrote in such a way that it gives as much information it can within the small amount allowed for a novella.  I enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone.

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