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Friday, May 6, 2016

3/5 Review: TAMING HIS MATE by M. Limoges

Taming his Mate is the 8th instalment in the Black Hills Wolves Series.  Although I have only read this story and one other in the series you don't feel like you are missing anything.  Each book in this series is written by different authors and can be stand-alone books.  I thought this book was a great little read.

Stephen Dorsett is the loveable but highly sexy wolf shifter who has been waiting his time for his mate to finally realise they belong together.  He doesn’t understand why she won’t submit to him, but has tried to be patient with her until she came around.

Kate Matthews knows that Stephen is her mate and would love nothing more than to acknowledge it to the shifter world, but she carries a secret that she believes makes her not worthy of being a mate to anyone let along the gorgeous Stephen.

As with any good book, secrets can only last so long and as with this book Kate's secret is finally revealed.  I won’t spoil it for anyone and I will let you read to book to find out her secret.  I will say that this book is not only a good read but also reinforces the fact that some secrets should never be kept.

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