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Saturday, May 7, 2016

3.5/5 Review: The Darker Side of Pleasure by Eden Bradley

This book contained 3 stories. Each of which were hard to read for me, 2 of which I couldn't finish. I can't stand the sadist and masochist part of BDSM, and that's what each of these stories were about. Being beaten, publicly humiliation and submission/sexual slavery.

The first story is about a husband and wife who are on the edge of divorce and decide to try one last thing to keep their marriage alive. I read through most of this story, but it hit on a lot of personal demons in my own past and I had to stop because it became too hard to read.

The second story is of a young woman who desires pain and reaches out to a trainer in the Dominant world. The Dom kept 3 women in his home naked at all times. They had to do his bidding, including bathing the new girl. I was a little blown away by that. The only thing that kept my interest was the main male character, the Doms nephew. This man was also a trainer in the Dom world, but when he looked at her, he wanted to hear her speak, hold her and give her everything she desired. While yes, she desired the pain, she was not into the humiliation she was getting at his uncles hand. This story is what gave this book the 3 points for me.

The last story I unfortunately could not get far into. A sex column reporter was interviewing a Dom for her BDSM story, he talked her into participating in order to get a better story. I was intrigued, until he mentioned her being naked and doing everything he said o ey his every command, serving him drinks, bending over his knee. I couldn't read any further. I enjoy reading of bondage and toy usage... but, while I understand woman enjoy being a sex slave, and enjoy pain and those kind of things, I do not. I cannot read about it either. So while I give this book a 3/5, my review is only one side of the spectrum. Others may completely love these stories, they are written well and meant to be enjoyed, just not by me.

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