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Sunday, May 8, 2016

5/5 Review: The Promise of Surrender by Liliana Hart

Mia Russo runs her pawn shop and is content with her life. The life she left behind was with Zeke McBride and her badge. The undercover lifestyle that almost got her killed. Then Zeke pops back into her life to try and bring down a local biker gang. Mia wishes it was any cop other than Zeke. He had picked his next assignment over her in the past and she doesn't want the passion they had shared to be welcomed back in her life. 

I loved the story of Mia and Zeke! I know this was only a novella and really wished it was a full length book! I wanted to know more about their past and even more about their future together. You can tell by the chemistry they have together that they could have pulled off a longer story line. The characters were good. The way Mia felt about Zeke reminded me of someone that you had crushed on for a long time and just couldn’t get out of your head no matter how hard you try. Because when she saw him all those feeling started coming back and she couldn’t resist him. Honestly, I'm glad that she didn’t! The book ended and had me wanting more.

Miss Hart had masterly woven an action-packed novel with lots of love,danger,  and heat that will burn the sheets. It's simply wonderful.

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